Providing sophisticated fraud prevention to a variety of global industries

Financial Services

Our suite of fraud prevention and identification tools allow you to grow your business without increasing your risk for fraudulent activity. Help the good, identify the bad, and confidently grow your portfolio.


Our Customer Authentication and Device Intelligence tools are completely customizable to your business. With AccountLogic, you can confidently accept more orders from good customers while identifying potentially fraudulent purchases. Our multi-step approach allows you to maintain a seamless checkout process for the good customers while mitigating fraudulent purchases behind the scenes.


Let’s face it … Insurance fraud is on the rise and we live in a digital world where many customers look alike. Our multi-step approach to fraud prevention and identification provides you with the confidence you need to tell the good customers from the bad.


Stop fraudulent purchases, keep customers happy, and sell more tickets with our suite of fraud prevention and identification solutions. Our real-time Customer Verification services provide you with the confidence you need to stop fraudulent purchases, while continuing to allow your customers the positive checkout experience they deserve.

Marketplace & Communities

Our customizable approach to fraud prevention and detection allows you to identify imposters and scammers without impacting the customer experience. We are here to protect your brand and your community.

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